• Needle less Anaesthesia (For painless Treatment)
  • Electronic Painless Injections ( For painless Treatment)
  • Dental Vibe ( For painless Treatment)
  • Anaesthesia buffering ( For Painless Treatment
  • Acquacare powder based Stain removing & Cleaning ( For pain &sensitivity free cleaning)
  • Aluminium oxide air abrasion drill less Dental filling ( For pain &sensitivity free cavity filling)
  • Chemo mechanical Cavity sterilization & Filling ( For pain &sensitivity free cavity filling)
  • Dental laser ( For pain free and bloodless treatments)
  • Conscious Sedation ( To reduce anxiety, fear and pain of dental procedures)
  • Portable Dental treatment system for providing Treatments at Home especially for elderly and sick.
  • Convenient appointment system to limit waiting , save time and reduce clinic visits
  • Extended timings to get provide treatments without taking leave from Job
  • Digital Consultation and teledentistry facility
  • Intra oral Camera to view dental problems on screen
  • Preventive Treatments Like Child Orthodontics & Myofunctional Treatments, Pit & fissure sealants
  • Flouride Applications, Laser gum treatments
  • Conservative and minimally Invasive treatment options
  • Hundreds of treatment options to choose from to suit your budget and requirements
  • Pharmacy
  • Oral care products

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