Why Us


Softdentist Dental Clinic Specialises in providing dental treatments in the most comfortable way. Pain and sensitivity during the treatment and fear of needles, injection and drills are the most important fear factors which keep people away from dentists and dental clinics.

At softdentist we have specially trained dentists with highly sophisticated equipments and instruments to do dental treatments painless and sensitivity free.

Painless Anesthesia

We use highly effective topical anaesthetics, needle free injections, Electronic Injections, Dental vibe Dental laser, Conscious sedation etc to give dental anaesthesia and treatments in the most comfortable and painless way.

Preventive Treatments

Dental decay and gum diseases, the most common reasons for teeth loss can be prevented with periodic checkups and treatments like scaling, pit & fissure sealants, fluoride applications and fillings of developing decays.

Drill less and painless Fillings

Dental cavities care cleaned with chemo mechanical system using air abrasion equipments and specially formulated disinfecting gels without much use of regular drills.

Conservative Treatments

Advanced treatments like inlay, onlay, veneers, post cores and biomimetic restorative filling materials help us in preserving maximum natural tooth structure and saving money for our patients.

Cost effective and Economical

We have multiple treatment options for the same dental condition which suits your budget and requirements. Preventive treatments and conservative treatments are always economical and cost effective.

Treatment Finance

We have tied up with various financing agencies to finance your treatment cost which can be paid in easy instalments . This will help you chose better treatments in the most affordable package.

Sensitivity free cleaning

We use powder based air cleaner to remove stains and plaque from tooth surface without causing sensitivity and pain. In case of deep cleaning is required cleaning with anaesthesia is carried out using advanced numbing equipments like needleless injections or electronic injectors, vibe etc.

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