Preventive Care

Pit & Fissure Sealants

Often dental decay starts from the pits and deep lines seen on the surface of the teeth. Sealing the Read More with suitable sealing materials prevents bacteria from colonising in them and destroying tooth structure. It is the best preventive measure against dental decay.
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Decay Arresters

Specially formulated medicament is applied on the decayed surface to arrest the progress of the dis Read More ase. Tooth discolouration and unfilled open cavity are the drawbacks.
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Flouride application

Flouride in healthy levels give strength and resistance to teeth against dental caries. Regular app Read More ication of fluoride gel is a good preventive measure against dental caries in children.
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Cleaning & Polishing

Gum diseases are a major source of bacteria to other vital organs in the body. Regular cleaning of Read More eeth is necessary to keep the gums and bone healthy to hold the teeth in position for a life time. It also keeps the teeth beautiful, prevents from bad breath and prevents internal organs from bacterial infections.
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Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional appliances prevents developing skeletal and dental problems, irregularities and malocc Read More usions at a very early age. They prevent the child from developing serious problems in the future thus avoiding major orthodontic treatments and surgeries.
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Night & Sports guards

Teeth grinders and hard biters are susceptible for teeth abrasion and muscular & Joint pain. Night Read More uards help them from damaging their teeth and muscles.
Athletes and sports persons are also prone to accidents and can damage their jaw & teeth. Sports guards are very effective in preventing their teeth from accidents and assaults.
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Habit Breakers

Habits like thumb sucking , lip biting, tongue thrusting etc lead to serious skeletal and dental pro Read More lems in the future. Habit breaking appliance help the child to stop the undesired habits and regain their normal growth pattern.
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Cancer detection

Oral cancer is very common in our society. We have a simple screening system for primary examinati Read More n of any lesions in the oral cavity.
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