Missing Teeth

Partially Missing teeth Fixed Options

Implants: Missing teeth are replaced with the help of Dental Implants. The main advantage i Read More that there is no need of cutting down healthy adjacent teeth to support the bridge. So implant supported crowns and bridges are the most conservative and accepted teeth replacement system available now.
Bridges: Regular bridges are connected to adjacent teeth.They are made of zirconia, Porcelain or metal alloys.
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Partially Missing Teeth Semi Fixed Option

Precision attachments: When there is no back teeth to support a bridge, precision attachment Read More are used for a semifixed teeth replacement.
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Partially Missing Teeth Removable Options

Removable partial dentures can be removed, cleaned and replaced by the patient after food and clean Read More ng. It is the economical way of teeth replacement. Available options are.
Cast Partial Denture: The base of the denture is made of metal alloys and teeth are fixed to it. It is more comfortable to the patient as the load of biting is borne by the remaining teeth.
Flexible Partial Dentures: These are made of flexible materials and they adapts more precisely to the gums and teeth. It retains better than regular dentures and are comfortable to wear.
Regular Partial Dentures These are regular removable dentures used since long time. They are rigid and attached to adjacent teeth using metal clasps.
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Complete Dentures: Fixed Options & Semifixed Options

Fixed Options:
Implant supported fixed dentures
Semifixed Options
Read More All on 4 Implant supported dentures Implant supported overdentures
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Complete Dentures Removable Options

BPS Dentures: Biofunctional Prosthetic system (BPS) is considered to be the best in Class d Read More nture system. It synchronises efficiently with muscular system easily and looks very natural.
Unbreakable Flexible Dentures: Flexible dentures offer better retention and comfort compared to Regular Dentures.
Regular Dentures: These are normal acrylic dentures commonly used for many years. Their qualities very depending on the materials used.
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