The painless dental experience. Dentistry is always associated with pain, sensitivity, fear and anxiety. Fear of Pain, drills and injections have kept many patients away from dental treatments. There are many others who left a dental clinic after a bad experience and never returned. Now we have developed a new system called "SOFTDENTIST" for painless and comfortable delivery of dental treatments. It involves a lot of new techniques, equipments materials and medicines. The treatment is done by specially trained dentists capable of doing treatments in a painless, comfortable and relaxed environment. Softdentist is applicable in almost all regular dental treatments.

Sleep Dentistry

We use a modern equipment for nitrous oxide (Laughing gas) inhalation to relax anxious and nervo Read More s patients and uncooperative children. Patient will relax in the chair without any tension or anxiety within two minutes after a small mask is placed on the nose. They will be in good mood and fully conscious but don't feel any pain or difficulty during the treatment. Patient will recover from the relaxed mood within seconds after the mask is removed and can go home immediately after the procedure.
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Dental Lasers

Dental Lasers can perform minor surgeries in a painless and bloodless way. Lasers are also used f Read More r treating various painful conditions in the orofacial region like joint pain, muscular pain etc. It is also used to treat sensitive teeth and for sterilizing canals during root canal treatment. Bio stimulation done after dental extractions help stop bleeding and help heal the wound faster. It is also used in various cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, Gum depigmentation for dark gums and crown lengthening to correct gummy smiles.
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Contactless Dental Cleaning

We use a modern technique called air polishing for contactless cleaning of stains and debris from t Read More eth. Since the instrument is not touching the teeth, there is no pain sensitivity or any associated discomfort.
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Drill Less Dental Fillings

Dental Cavities are cleaned and shaped using air abrader without even touching the tooth. The cavit Read More is sterilized using chemical sterilisers and filled with biocompatible materials . Airotor Hand pieces may be used to shape superficial areas of the cavity in a painless and comfortable way.
All other dental treatments like Root canal Treatment, Tooth removal ,Orthodontics etc can be done painlessly using softdontic techniques and painless injections.
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Needle less Injector

A new invention where a pressured device pushes in a drop of anaesthetic solution to the mucosa at Read More he click of a button. It's totally pain free and comfortable procedure.
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Computer Controlled Slow Injectors

Hand controlled injections are painful because its difficult to control the speed at which the anaes Read More hetic solution is injected into the tissue. It is the pressure of the injection that causes the pain. So we use a pre-programmed equipment to inject the anaesthetic solution to the mucosa. This machine starts the injection very slowly and slowly increase the speed.
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Dental Vibe

This is another new equipment to make dentistry pain free. It uses different frequency vibrations t Read More bye pass the pain sensation during dental injections. It is placed at the injection site during the procedure and the patient will feel only the vibration, not the pain.
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Electric Nerve Stimulation

Most of the times, the patients keep their muscles very tight due to the fear anxiety which makes in Read More ections very painful. This equipment relaxes the muscles by stimulating the nerves. It is proved that using Injections in a relaxed muscle is much painless than regular injections.
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Virtual Reality

It is the atmosphere in a dental clinic along with sounds, smell and the scenes like loading the in Read More ection cartridge or opening the needle cover makes the patient tensed and fearful. Any procedure performed in a stressful and anxious patient will be uncomfortable and painful for him.
Virtual Reality system takes the patient to a virtual world where he will be enjoying a movie, song or a cartoon in a very relaxed mood without feeling the atmosphere of the clinic or hearing the sounds of the instruments or drills or seeing what the dentist or staff members are doing. It is very comfortable way of getting dental treatments done.
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Neutral PH Anaesthetic Solutions

The Ph of the anaesthetic solution is acidic with a ph of 3.5 and that of the human body is alkali Read More e . Injecting an acidic anaesthetic solution to the alkaline body makes dental injections very painful.
We have a solution to make the anaesthetic solution to neutral ph so that the injections are painless and comfortable.
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Finest Needles

Usually the thickness of the needles dentists use for injections are 24 gauge. In softdentist we use Read More the finest needles of 32 guage that reduces the pain and discomfort of dental injections many times.
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