Myofunctional Therapy

Over the years it has become a thumb rule that Orthodontic treatments can be done only after erupting all permanent teeth or after 12 years. But the truth is most of problems which lead to protruded or misaligned teeth can be corrected if the treatments are given at the right time there by preventing future orthodontic treatments or reducing the intensity of the problem. The problems which lead to orthodontic cases are primarily wrong habits or deficient growth of the jaw bones. Habits can be corrected and bone growth can be encouraged , modified or redirected during the growing period. A child should be taken to an experienced myofunctional dentist at the age of three to rule out any habitual or developmental issues. If there are any developing issues it can be treated and future orthodontic treatments extractions and surgeries can be avoided.

Habit Breaking Appliances

Many dental and skeletal problems are developed due to some habits, most of the go unnoticed by pare Read More ts, which can be easily treated at very early ages using simple appliances.
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Expansion Appliances

Unilateral, bilateral and 3dimensional rapid and slow expansion appliances used at the right age for Read More the right period of time can solve many space discrepancy issues and cross bite conditions.
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Myofunctional Appliances and Muscle Trainers

These appliances train the intra and peri oral muscles to function normally for the ideal developmen Read More of the Jaw bones and eruption of the teeth.
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Appliances for bone remodelling and repositioning

These are extra oral and intra oral appliances used to remodel excessively growing upper and lower j Read More w bones or reposition under developed lower jaw bone for better tooth relationship and appearance.
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