Dental Implants are titanium screws placed inside the jaw bones to permanently fix single, multiple or entire missing teeth of one or both jaws. It is the most advanced and conservative permanent teeth replacement system . It avoids cutting of adjacent healthy natural teeth for placing bridges there by eliminating future complications like sensitivity, pain and infections of the connecting teeth and gums.

Single tooth implants

This implant is used for replacing a single missing tooth. An implant is placed inside the bone and Read More a tooth is placed on the implant immediately or after few days depending on the density and quality of the supporting bone.
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Implant Supported Bridges

Two or more implants are placed if multiple teeth are lost depending on the number lost teeth and mu Read More tiple teeth ( bridge) is placed permanently fixed on the implants.
Implant supported full mouth bridge.
If entire teeth are lost , we place 6-10 implants in an arch and permanently fix the entire teeth to the implants.
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All on 4 & 6 Implant Supported Dentures

It is difficult for the modern working class to use removable dentures in their day today life. To Read More reduce the cost of the entire implant system, the number of implants are limited and the denture is screwed on to these implants. This is a cost effective and comfortable fixed complete denture system.
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Implant Supported Overdenture

If a regular denture is loose fitting and difficult to chew, implant supported overdenture is the si Read More plest and most economical solution. The denture is fixed on just two implants in a semi fixed technique. It can be removed cleaned and replaced by the patient but will be stable, strong and comfortable as they are fixed to the implants.
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